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Clean & Coat

Bring Life Back To Your Current Hardwood Floors

A clean and coat is the best way to spruce up those tired wood floors without the hassle of traditional wood floor refinishing! Your floors can look “brand clean” in as little as a day and protected for years to come. Clean and coats will restore the sheen. They add life to your floor between sanding! The commercial grade finish applied will make your floor easier to clean.

Your friends may wonder if you had a new floor put in! (Results may very)

"Jason from Kitsap Wood Flooring did a great job rejuvenating the original wood floors. The original finish was well worn to the raw wood and wear was evident throughout. They did a deep cleaning and new finish which brought the floors to the state I really liked. Still have the stains and scratches that were there prior to their work, but the character of the floors remain with a nice new finish."

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