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Kitsap Wood Flooring installs, refinishes, cleans and coats hardwood flooring. Trusted in homes throughout Kitsap county and beyond.

With over fifteen years of trades and flooring experience, Kitsap Wood Flooring is more than just a company – it’s a lifetime of devotion for the field.  Built into every floor that Kitsap installs, sands, or refinishes contains a passion for timeless elegance, and beauty.

The goal of Kitsap Wood Flooring is to strive to create a floor based on knowledge, passion, and understanding. Whether the floor is a refinish, or newly installed with borders and medallions, we want our customers to feel educated in their flooring decisions.

Jason & Melia


“I started working in the trades when I was fifteen years old, working for my dad and his HVAC Company. He always taught me that character and craftsmanship were two of the most important parts of running a business. That statement rings true for my company in every floor I complete.”  Jason Dandurand

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